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Transformer industry need to solve the low price competition dilemma
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Date: 2018-01-11
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With the rapid development of economic construction, China has invested many times in power supply construction and power grid reconstruction projects, and has strongly stimulated the continuous growt...

With the rapid development of economic construction, China has invested many times in power supply construction and power grid reconstruction projects, and has strongly stimulated the continuous growth of various types of transformers. Especially with the support of the good policy of the state in vigorously supporting the revitalization and development of the national equipment manufacturing industry, great progress has been made in the transformer industry in China, showing a trend of sustained and rapid development.

Industry development still exist hidden worries

Transformer is one of the key equipment in power system, its performance directly affects the safety and reliability of power grid operation. Transformer design, manufacturing capabilities represent the overall technical level of the power equipment industry. After years of development, China's transformer design and manufacturing technology has been very mature, not only the total transformer production ranks the world, but also mastered the 750 kV to 1000 kV UHV AC, ± 800 kV UHVDC and a large number of power transmission The core technologies for the development of key equipment have continuously strengthened their international competitiveness.

However, behind the rapid development of the transformer industry, there are still many troubles and worries. At present, the most prominent problems are the low-price competition, the disorderly competition and the serious disruption of the market order. Recently, several transformer manufacturers have reflected: the current low-cost competition in the industry, increasingly serious vicious competition, and this price war has been from low-voltage small and medium-capacity products to large areas of high-voltage high-voltage products have spread, transformer manufacturing enterprises, and even the entire The industry has caused tremendous damage.

Of particular concern is that, if left unchecked, it will be a matter of time before users are harmed. Because, the result of this low-cost competition will be no winner, "who ultimately can not afford to hurt."

Data show that: China's annual demand for transformers in about 1.5 billion kVA. At the same time, China's large-scale transformer industry, mostly SMEs, industry concentration is low, annual production capacity of about 3 billion kVA, in the market a serious surplus.

Since 2009, the national power construction has slowed down, and the demand for domestic transformers has been reduced. In particular, the demand for equipment has been purchased by centralized bidding. Due to the low bidding, the competition in the market has become more and more fierce. As a result, equipment manufacturers Price competition. At present, the final selling price of some transformer products is only 80% of the cost of raw materials.

Enterprise average profit margin into the "negative era"

Research reports show that in the seventies and eighties of the 20th century, China's transformer industry average profit margin of about 20%; 2010 about 8%. Nowadays, the average profit rate of most transformer manufacturers of 750 kV and below goes into the "negative era", which directly leads to the low-efficiency operation of China's transformer manufacturers in recent years. Enterprises seeking to survive, but can only reduce R & D investment, looking for low-cost materials, shares of low cost, and even appeared at the expense of the transformer product quality malicious competition situation, the market order increasingly chaotic.

It is understood that not only the area of low voltage and small capacity transformers has become the hardest hit price war, even if the technology is relatively high, the number of manufacturers of high voltage, high-capacity product areas have not been spared, the price war is the more evolved Intense, and the areas covered by it show a tendency of further expansion. From power to grid, from wind power to photovoltaic and other new energy industries are also spared.

According to statistics, from 2012 to the present, the bidding has been scaled 30 million thermal units and 57 600,000 units, the second lowest bidder and the lowest bidding projects accounted for up to 78%; the past three years, the conventional thermal power transformer Product price decline of more than 15%, many transformer manufacturing enterprises in the loss or serious loss status. In addition, due to the low barriers to entry of wind power and photovoltaic industry, it is quite a mixed bag. The difference between the highest bidding price and the lowest bidding price is more than 20%, which directly leads to an endless stream of product quality problems.

According to a company to develop high-voltage, high-volume products based business executives revealed that this price war, the result of vicious competition, manufacturing companies have caused long-term "blood loss." Especially in the slowdown of national power construction, investment, shrinking market demand, the price war is even worse accelerated manufacturing companies in trouble, or even difficult. Over the long period of time, he said, a group of key national transformers core enterprises nurtured by the state will not survive or will decline.

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